One of the key to success in the Atkins diet is food selection.  When you are unable to find a wide enough variety or just start to get sick of eating the same meals over and over we tend to get weak and break the diet.  It is essential you not allow this to happen as it works against the general nature of the diet, causing one to experience no weight loss or even gain weight. 

To protect against this I have here for readers a 243pg eBook which contains over 1000 quality recipes, many of which I have used personally.  The recipe eBook is easy to follow and offers an extremely wide variety of exclusively Atkins designed foods.  I do, however, request a five dollar donation which ultimately helps me to maintain and keep the site up to date.  With the donation I also provide the reader with an extensive Atkins carb counter, which is very useful both in general dinner selection, but also in replacing hard to find ingredients in an Atkins meal with acceptable easy to find low carb alternatives.

Thank you again for reading, if you choose not to attain the eBook, please continue to enjoy the rest of the site and again good luck.

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